How To Make A Cushion Template

If your cushion covers are shaped i.e.: T shaped with “Lugs” on a chair cushion, L shaped with a “Lug” on one side of a sofa cushion, or perhaps a back cushion that is shaped over the arm of the chair or sofa but you do not want to send us your cushion covers we will need a template or accurate diagram/sketch for each different cushion shape.

We will require a paper template made from brown paper, newspaper, wallpaper or even wrapping paper. Or send us a diagram with the sizes. Remember we can make any shape or size!
Please follow the instructions below to make your template.

Step 1. Drawing the shape you need

  • Place your paper on the floor, with your cushion on top of the paper (you can remove the filling if it is misshapen)
  • Carefully draw around the cushion without marking the cover

Step 2. Cutting the template

  • Carefully cut the paper around the shape of the cushion
  • If the template should be symmetrical ensure that it is the same shape on the left and on the right by folding the paper in half to make sure it is equal on both sides. You will probably have to make a few minor adjustments until you are happy with the shape.

Step 3. Check the size of the template

  • Double check its shape and size by putting the original cushion back in its place with the template on top
  • Please mark clearly on the template
    1. Your name, telephone number, and address
    2. The thickness of the cushion required
    3. How many cushions you require of that shape
    4. The grade of foam you would like
    5. If it’s a “seat” or a “back” cushion

Please post your template to:

Comfort Solutions
The Old Gate
57 Berry Hedge Lane
Burton on Trent
DE15 0DP

On receipt of your template we will contact you regarding your quote. We will need to add a slight amount to the dimensions of the template so the foam fits snugly inside your cover. We also highly recommend a polyester Dacron and stockinette wrap which we will discuss with you when we contact you with your quote.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us on: -
Freephone 0800 9150998
Mobile 07970448818
or email