Comfort Solutions aims to provide a first class on-line shopping facility. We offer an extensive range of quality products all designed to make your life more comfortable.

Customer satisfaction has always been the key to the continued growth since 1997. The  growth of the business has led to an expansion program which includes the 6th generation website that you are now viewing.

Comfort Solutions is privately owned and managed by the female Proprieter.

Jo Macdonald says:

"I have always recognised without putting customers first, the business would not exist. Many companies have lost sight of this fact and have faced disastrous consequences. I pride myself on customer service, bending over backwards to help anyone, be it with expert information, after sales service, etc. My mother taught me to treat people how I would like to be treated.... this has always stayed with me and I get a great sense of achievement when I can help people. This is one of the reasons why the business continues to operate an unbeatable customer relationship strategy.

I suffered a back injury many years ago, and started to sleep on a memory foam mattress that I made myself. I sources the foam, made my own cover all this was shortly after they were introduced into the UK. At that time only one choice of memory foam was available! The relief I experienced inspired me to help others with back problems.
I have my memory foam travel mattress topper always in my car, never knowing when I will need it, but the reassurance that it is always there means I will always get a comfortable night sleep, so wherever I go, so does my travel mattress topper! I am more than happy to talk to anyone to help them decide which mattress or mattress topper would be best for their individual needs.

For many years I was an upholsterer, dealing with foam was an everyday occurrence. Those invaluable years gave me a great deal of experience in the foam industry and now the service of refilling customers sofa / chair cushions has proven a great success in ensuring each customer gets exactly the right foam for their individual needs."

Thank you for paying a visit to the Comfort Solutions website, I hope that you will find the information it contains both interesting and informative. If you have any ideas that you feel would improve the website please let me know, I would appreciate any feedback that you have.

Warm Regards

Jo Macdonald