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Memory foam travel beds, exceptional support using combination of memory foam and high density foam

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Memory Foam Travel Mattress Toppers

You can now carry comfort with you even when you are away from home with quality travel mattresses and mattress toppers.

Transform uncomfortable hotel beds, take a little luxury on camping trips and say hello to comfortable, restful nights sleep wherever you are.

Our travel mattress toppers use an exclusive combination of foam layers, including luxury memory foam.

Choose from a variety of mattress toppers, now available with a strong fabric canvas drawstring sack, or a wheeled canvas holdall.


"I am a Physiotherapist who herself suffers with neck and back pain when sleeping in hard beds on holiday. I was delighted to find Comfort Solutions who specialise in Travel Mattress Toppers and chat to Jo who has an exceptionally good knowledge of the various products matching these to your individual needs. The product was promptly delivered and transformed a hard bed allowing restful sleep, night after night whilst away. I am now looking forward to trying a smaller version which I will pack in my luggage and take to Kefalonia this July. I will let you know how I get on! A good quality unique product, excellent service, and helpful advice, thank you Jo".
Zoe-Ann Handy

Roll up portable memory foam travel pad / topper