Foam Cushions | Measuring Instructions

Tips how to Measure for your new foam seat or back cushions, replacing fibre,feather or old foam

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Made to Measure Foam Cushions

It’s not difficult to measure for your new foam cushions. We can supply foam cut to any size and shape you require. Following these instructions ensures your made to measure foam inserts will be the perfect size for your covers.

Before measuring ensure you have chosen the type of foam you wish to order and follow the instructions below for measuring your covers.

Please note, if your cushion cover is an unusual shape such as an ‘L’ or ‘T’ shape we would prefer for us to measure them for you to ensure the foam is perfectly cut to size. We measure your covers, contact you to make sure you are happy with the quote, and proceed to fill if you instruct us to. If you are not happy with our quote there is no obligation and we simply return your covers to you. If you do not wish to post, consider making a template, drawing or take a picture of your covers and send this to us with your order.

How to Measure your Cushion Covers

Start by removing the existing filling, leaving you with only the cover. Lay the cover on a flat surface and gently stretch out any creases. If your cover has a piped edge, take the measurement from the INSIDE of the piping. If your cover has plain seams measure seam to seam. Next gather your measurements. For made to measure foam cushions cut to your size, please supply the following measurements:

A: The length from front to back of the cover (or height, top to bottom if it is a back cushion)

Add 0.5" to the length measurement. For example if the length is 27.5" (70cm) you need a 28" foam cushion.

Measure length inside piping

B: The width from side to side of the cushion cover. If the cushion is tapered i.e wider at the front and narrower at the back you will need to take the two measurements, one at the front from side to side and one at the back from side to side.

Now add 0.5" to the width measurement. For example if the width measures 24" (61cm) you need a 24.5" foam cushion.

Measure the width inside piped edges

C: The depth (height) of the cushion. Please try to be as accurate as possible with this size.

This time add 1" to the depth measurement. For example if the depth is 5" (13cm) you need to order a 6" foam cushion.

Measure the depth of the cushion border

Order your new cut to size foam cushions

Now you have your cushion cover measurements you can;

  • Order your made to measure foam cushions online by entering your size requirements in the online price calculator
  • Email us your sizes and measurements and we will reply to you with a quote.
  • Call us on 0800 9150998 or 07970448818 with your measurements and we will calculate the price for you over the telephone.

We understand that talking to an expert can put your mind at rest. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice or help with measuring your cushions. Helping you to get a perfect result is what we know and it’s what we are here for.

"Great made to measure service with friendly advice. An excellent company to deal with who have experience in helping customers find the right product for their needs. Very satisfied with the cut and size... Thank you"

D. Ridgeway - Derbyshire