Yanis Pure Latex Mattress with Organic Cover

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Yanis Pure Latex Mattress with Organic Cover

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Yanis Pure Latex Mattress with Organic Cover

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£529.00 - £999.00

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    Yanis Pure Latex Mattress with Organic Cover

    Yanis Natural Latex Mattresses with Organic Cotton and Wool Cover

    Yanis Natural Latex Organic Mattress is a NEW mattress to the Yanis latex mattresses range. Anyone looking for a quality product should consider this Organic latex mattress with it's organic cotton cover. Available in medium or firm comfort rating.

    7 comfort zones within the mattress support the difference in weight to various parts of your body, ensuring the heavier parts such as your hips are supported with the correct density of foam. The zones will support your shoulders, legs, knees, head, back hips and ankles.

    Pure and Totally Natural Latex
    Latex is sourced in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. This mattress is a perfect choice for allergy sufferers as it is chemical and metal FREE. There are layers of luxurious Organic Merino wool surrounding the 18cm core of latex.
    The cover is made with organic bio cotton so again allergy sufferers will love this mattress, it is eco friendly and also extremely comfortable. As the latex is naturally breathable, this makes for a comfortable sleep in both summer and winter, keeping you cool in the hotter months and warm in the cooler months.

    Superfine Merino Wool- Pure Natural Comfort
    Recent research, a study conducted by the University of Sydney, demonstrates that, under many conditions, people sleep better if their bedding products are made from wool. Woolen products help you to stay at a comfortable temperature, dry with less sweating or overheating. Wool guarantees thermal comfort.
    A wool environment breathes in a natural way and it increases the duration of the most beneficial phase of sleep known as the REM sleep stage, where the sleeper is totally relaxed. Wool offers comfort, performance and protection. It is a high resilient, naturally appealing material, 100 % biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. Wool is also a natural flame retarder.

    This mattress has been manufactured by the dunlopillo process which is the technique developed using all natural latex without synthetic ingredients, offering a more stable product than the Talalay process. Many people have found Dunlop technique mattresses even after 40 or 50 years to still be in top condition. The Talalay method is promising, both with synthetic and even all natural ingredients, but the technique has not been used as long to completely evaluate the longevity of the mattress when made this way.

    • Key features
    • Dimensions
    • Prices
    • Delivery
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    • Natural Latex made by the Dunlop Process (Dunlopillo)
    • Totally chemical, metal and toxin FREE
    • No fire retardant chemicals used Naturally fire retardant
    • Organic certified merino wool and cotton tape edged cover
    • 7 Comfort Zones for full support where needed
    • Available in all standard sizes & custom sizes
    • Available in Medium or Firm
    • Ideal for asthma sufferers
    • Hypo-allergenic, Anti-bacterial
    • Manufactured in EU & tested in UK
    • Cool in summer & warm in winter
    • 15 years warranty
    • Naturally breathable

    Size Metric Imperial
    Small Single W 75cm x L 190cm x 22cm W 2' 6" x L 6' 3"x 8.75"
    Small Single Long W 75cm x L 190cm x 22cm W 2' 6" x L 6' 3"x 8.75"
    Single W 90cm x L 190cm x 22cm W 3' 0" x L 6' 3"x 8.75"
    Single Long W 90cm x L 200cm x 22cm W 3' 0" x L 6' 6"x 8.75"
    Small Double W 120cm x L 190cm x 22cm W 4' 0" x L 6' 3" x 8.75"
    Double W 135cm x L 190cm x 22cm W 4' 6" x L 6' 3" x 8.75"
    Euro Double W 140cm x L 200cm x 22cm W 4' 8" x L 6' 6" x 8.75"
    King W 150cm x L 198cm x 22cm W 5' 0" x L 6' 6" x 8.75"
    Euro King W 160cm x L 200cm x 22cm W 5' 4" x L 6' 6" x 8.75"
    Superking W 183cm x L 198cm x 22cm W 6' 0" x L 6' 6" x 8.75"

    Size Price
    Small Single £529
    Small Single Long £539
    Single £539
    Euro Single £549
    Small Double £759
    Double £789
    Euro Double £859
    King £899
    Euro King £979
    Superking £999

    FREE Next working day when possible if the order is received before midday.
    Otherwise 2 working days

    If you would like to speak to us for more details please text 07970 448818 to request we call you.

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