Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover

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Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover

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Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover

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    Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover

    Now you can make ANY hotel bed comfortable

    Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper with a unique layering system improving support and comfort WHEREVER you go. This is a portable mattress topper with a difference, the secret is in the 2 layers.
    2.5cm (1") of high density memory foam is laminated to 2.5cm (1") of high density supportive base foam. This combination in a portable topper ensures wherever you place it, you will be comfortable without feeling the surface beneath. If a person of average weight placed it on uneven or flat solid ground they should not 'bottom out'.
    Many other toppers are made entirely of memory foam which in theory sounds great, but when you lie down you will sink down feeling the surface underneath.

    The memory foam travel topper has a choice of a standard cream, fully zipped fabric cover, slightly stretchy to allow for the movement of the memory foam. This cover is easily removed and is machine washable.
    Also NEW addition is the choice of a Coolmax zipped cover which is a bonus for using the travel mattress in a warmer climate.

    Transform any bed/ floor into a revolutionary body contouring sleep system. Easy to roll up and transport. Suitable for taking on holiday abroad and for use in caravans, boats, motor homes and camping trips etc.

    How many times have you been away and had your holiday spoilt by waking in the morning with stiff joints and backache from sleeping on an uncomfortable bed?

    The popular Dragons Den television show has been involved with investing in a company who supply a memory foam portable topper. However, there is no comparison as the Comfort Solutions travel mattress has the unique layering mentioned above and it's cheaper! You will not find this product anywhere else.

    We have many satisfied customers and many testimonials and reviews from people of all ages. Comfort Solutions Director uses a travel topper on overnight trips and holidays and would not be without it.

    If you would like to order a mattress topper in ANY OTHER SIZE or SHAPE, please email us or call. We are able to manufacture a custom topper for you however please bear in mind that at busy times this can take up to 14 working days to produce.

    • Key features
    • Travel tips
    • Size & weight
    • Delivery

    • Available in two sizes
    • Coolmax cover or standard cover
    • 5cm (2") total depth (laminated foam)
    • 2.5cm (1") high density memory foam
    • 2.5cm (1") high density PU foam
    • Water resistant cover available (extra charge)
    • Ideal to take on holiday abroad
    • Transforms uncomfortable hotel beds
    • For use on a mattress, or on the floor!
    • Suitable for camping, motorhomes, boats etc
    • Exclusive and unique foam combination
    • Made in UK
    • Available in custom sizes

    • Using cling film to wrap the rolled up topper makes it slightly smaller, easier for packing and keeps it clean!
    • A drawstring holdall is available which has room for a small pillow, sheet, or perhaps nightwear

    Details Standard Small
    Unrolled Size W 24" x L 68" x D 2" W 24" x L 58" x D 2"
    Rolled up Size W 11.5" x L 24" W 10.5" x L 24"
    Weight Approx 3.3 kg Approx 2.8kg

    Delivery approx 2-4 working days (please contact us if you need it quicker) Orders under £75 small p/p fee

    Customer Reviews

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    My Solution To Hard Hotel Mattresses

    Reviewed by Ann on 25 February 2016

    I am delighted to say my 2 layer travel mattress has been a brilliant success even on hard Spanish beds. I have a degenerative spinal condition which necessitates sleeping on a soft but supportive mattress so being away from my own special bed can be problematic and very painful. I ordered a medium sized 2 layer-travel topper but only 43" long so it fitted Into an optional vacuum travel bag and, rolled up, took up only a small space in my suitcase. That was sufficient to support my back, I used pillows in the hotel to level out the rest of the length of the bed. The result - total comfort and a good night's sleep. The topper has not suffered as a result of being rolled up while travelling but I am not storing it in the compressed vacuum bag just in case it splits. I absolutely recommend this topper to anyone especially those with back problem who still enjoy travelling. I just wish all problems could be solved so easily! '

    Thank you Jo, for all your help and brilliant efficiency.

    Best night's sleep

    Reviewed by C. Wilding on 09 September 2015

    The memory foam travel mattress topper gave me the best night’s sleep on a hard mattress that I have had for years. I took it to Barcelona and the option of a Coolmax cover meant that I wasn’t too hot, even with inadequate air-conditioning.  I would really recommend this product; I have suffered from sleepless nights and terrible back pain for years when I travelled, often ruining an otherwise great holiday.  It will be my constant companion from now on. The website was informative, the company was a pleasure to deal with – very efficient and helpful, and the topper arrived quickly with detailed delivery information.  I cannot praise any aspect of my purchase too highly.

    Reviewed by John F Jackson on 19 July 2015

    What a fantastic product your 'Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper with fabric cover' is!  

    We have just returned from a month in Corfu and the difference these toppers made to the Villa beds was incredible! None of the usual lumps and bumps, resulting in back aches etc., could be felt .. and they are an absolute joy to sleep on. Easy to transport and lightweight, we placed them in a large vacuum bag in the luggage and at about 3kg, aircraft weight was no problem at all.

    We only wish we had discovered these years ago! Thank you for your usual great service and a wonderful product!

    Reviewed by Reshaad on 15 July 2015

    I'm now back from my work trip to Fiji. I was staying in a number of places across the country. Thankfully the places I stayed on the whole were fine without having to use it in the end. However, I did use it at one place for about a week as the mattress there was bad. And the travel topper was great, it made a big difference, so although I only used it for a few nights, it was worth it. 

    In the end I left it in Fiji for the cleaner of the last apartment I stayed as she had a bad back especially when she got up in the mornings so I said to her to try it. So I may have to buy another one when I travel next.

    Reviewed by Rob Cottam on 23 June 2015

    I thought that I would drop you a quick note regarding the travel topper mattress and wheeled holdall I recently purchased from you. We’ve just returned from our favourite hotel in Majorca. It’s a fantastic hotel, great location, food, staff, spotlessly clean etc. However, our favourite hotel has beds that are extremely firm, hence the reason why I purchased your product. The last time we stayed at this hotel in Alcudia I could barely walk after a few nights “sleep”, the pain at the base of my spine was excruciating. The flight home was worse, I sat for 2 1/2 hours in absolute pain, I thought my back was about to “snap”. We’ve stayed in other hotels where they have swapped the standard mattress for a softer one, it helped sometimes but you can’t rely on Thompson providing this option across all of it’s hotels.

     It seemed such a pity that everything else was perfect and we love this hotel, so with the travel mattress packed, we set off again to see if it made any difference. One more chance!

     Short answer; worth every single penny! Had I known how good the portable travel mattress topper was I would have happily paid twice the price! (...please don’t send a duplicate invoice!) We’ve had a great holiday, no back pain whatsoever. In fact I think I slept better than I do at home in our super king size bed that we bought for £1,500.

     Thank you so much, we can now go anywhere we like without the worry of “what are the beds going to be like”? It’s a great package of smart travel case and mattress topper, really easy to pack and carry. Thanks once again.

    Reviewed by Val Johnston on 24 May 2015

    Thank you for sending the topper so quickly - the quality is great. We like to take trips around the country but I can never find a comfortable bed, even in decent hotels. I took the travel topper on our last trip and it was the first time I have had a good nights sleep on holiday.

    Thanks once again.

    Reviewed by Trudi on 12 May 2015

    Very pleased with topper, just the right size and so glad you were able to do softer foam base for me.

    Reviewed by Gordon Shields on 02 May 2015

    Jo, I said that I would let you know how we got on with the mattress toppers placed over the seat cushions of our caravan when making up the beds. They are excellent; prior to this holiday my wife awoke each morning with a stiff back.  This time she did not have a problem.  We found that the toppers made the beds really comfortable; smoothing out the bumps in a row of seat cushions. I also found that each topper rolled up tight enough to fit under the seat together with the bedding for storage during daytime. We were also impressed that we received your delivery on the day you quoted when I placed the order.  Many thanks for a super product.

    Reviewed by Kim & Val on 22 October 2014

    We just got home from four nights away in our Bongo and used our new travel mattress toppers - what a difference to the comfort!! Two toppers fit perfectly, side by side, on the folded down seats but take out all the "little lumpy bits" and provide a much softer feel. We had slept in the Bongo without the toppers previously but this is money well spent indeed resulting in four good nights' sleep.

    Thank you for all your help, advice and outstanding service - it is a genuine pleasure to have done business with you.

    Reviewed by Rose on 20 October 2014

    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed using the travel mattress. My sister came over from America and we embarked on a two week trip around England - seeing all the things we always meant to see - I used the mattress topper and it was wonderful.  Thank you so much as it made the world of difference to a strange bed every night!

    it is refreshing to find a company such as yours, in England, which cares so much about its customers. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends.

    Reviewed by Claire on 04 August 2014

    Hi Jo,

    Thank-you for making sure my topper reached me in time for my trip. It was just what I was looking for and very comfortable.

    Reviewed by Pat Robb on 19 July 2014

    Tired of waking up feeling stiff and aching after yet another poor night's sleep when traveling, I did some research to see if there was such a thing as a portable mattress topper. I found Comfort Solutions, other reviews were good so I decided to go ahead and order one for my husband and one for me. We cruise regularly and have found, no matter what ship we are on, the policy of "one type of mattress fits all" simply does not suit us. They are always too hard with not enough "give" and this results in painful problems for both of us. I contacted Jo Macdonald as I needed the toppers to be a bit wider than the 24" advertised. I am so glad I spoke to her rather than just ordering the size I wanted online. We discussed our problem and she realised we would be better with a softer foam as one part of the two foam process. I also asked about a cover made from Cool Max fabric to absorb any heat generated by the foam. Nothing was too much trouble. The special fabric was sourced, the toppers made to our requirements and we received them in plenty of time for our cruise.

    They did the job splendidly and I must say they were easy to pack and fit to the beds. We both had the best night's sleep on a cruise and I will take them with me on every trip. Since returning from our cruise, we had an unexpected overnight stay in a chain hotel. Again, the toppers went with us and I am so glad I took them as the beds were very hard.


    I have told many people how we have solved our problem and have been surprised at the number who have said they have the same experience with hard mattresses, especially since getting a bit older. I would recommend these mattress toppers to anyone who finds any but their own bed uncomfortable.


    Pat Robb

    Reviewed by Geri on 01 July 2014

    After three weekends away on three very different beds, I can report good

    results from the travel mattress topper, thank you. The beds were a thin foam, an air bedand a well worn spring mattress. The latter seemed the least successful but

    that's only because the topper couldn't do a thing about the saggy base of


    So I'm very satisfied with my purchase, and thank you for your excellent customer care.

    Reviewed by Will Bangham on 30 August 2013

    Many thanks for the topper received today it seems to be ‘just the job’

    Thanks as well for your friendly helpful service!

    Reviewed by S. Newton on 16 August 2013

    Dear Jo

    Today we got our caravan out and tried our new topper. It fits perfectly and makes the bed much more comfortable. Another added advantage is that we can put the base sheet on the topper and not struggle trying to lift up the whole mattress.  Talking of which, Iit would be even better if we could get a perfectly fitted sheet for our topper. Can you recommend any firms which specialise in bespoke fitted cotton sheets?  There are lots on the net but I wondered if you might know of a good one.

    Thanks again. I shall be recommending these toppers to fellow caravanners!

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