Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover and Drawstring Holdall

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Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover and Drawstring Holdall

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Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover and Drawstring Holdall

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    Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper - Fabric Cover and Drawstring Holdall

    Memory Foam Travel Topper, portable rolled up mattress topper excellent for holidays and hotels.
    How many times have you been away and had a holiday spoilt by waking in the morning with stiff joints and backache from sleeping on an uncomfortable bed? Now you can improve your quality of sleep WHEREVER you go.
    The travel topper with a difference! The secret is in the 2 layers! 
    2.5cm (1") of high density memory foam laminated to 2.5cm (1") of high density supportive base foam. This unique combination in a travel topper ensures wherever you place the topper you will be comfortable without feeling the surface beneath, ie if used on uneven or flat solid ground you will not 'bottom out'. 
    Many other toppers are made entirely of memory foam which in theory sounds great, but when you lie down on it you WILL sink down and feel the surface underneath. 
    The memory foam travel topper can transform any bed/ floor into a revolutionary body contouring sleep system. Easy to roll up and transport. Suitable for caravans, boats, motor homes, camping etc.
    A very popular choice for many of our satisfied customers. There are many testimonials from people of all ages, Comfort Solutions Director uses her travel topper on a regular basis, it's always with her on overnight trips or holidays.

    Now available with a cream fabric cover, or a cream COOLMAX fabric cover. The COOLMAX option is proving to be extremely popular in warmer climates, so ideal to take on holiday. Both are slightly stretchy to allow for the movement of the memory foam. Fully zipped, easily removable and machine washable.
    The travel topper is complete with a lightweight yet heavy duty, strong polyester drawstring holdall. There are reinforced eyelets at the top of the holdall. Now you can have the convenience of storing the topper in it's own holdall. Please note the drawstring holdall is larger than the topper with space if needed for a pillow or other bedding.

     If you would like to order a topper in ANY OTHER SIZE or SHAPE, please email us or call.

    • Key features
    • Size & weight
    • Travel Tips!
    • Delivery

    • NOW available in two sizes
    • 5cm (2") total depth (laminated foam)
    • 2.5cm (1") high density memory foam
    • 2.5cm (1") high density PU base foam
    • Fabric cover or COOLMAX fabric cover
    • Water resistant cover available (extra charge)
    • Ideal to take on holiday abroad
    • Transforms uncomfortable hotel beds
    • Can be used on the floor or on a mattress
    • Suitable for camping, motor homes, boats etc
    • Exclusive and unique foam combination
    • Strong drawstring reinforced holdall
    • Made in UK
    • Available in custom sizes

    Details Standard Small
    Unrolled Size W 24" x L 68" x D 2" W 24" x L 58" x D 2"
    Rolled up Size W 11.5" x L 24" W 10.5" x L 24"
    Weight Approx 3.3 kg Approx 2.8kg

    • Using cling film to wrap the rolled up topper makes it slightly smaller, easier for packing and keeps it clean!
    • The drawstring holdall has room for a small pillow, sheet, or perhaps nightwear

    Delivery approx 2 - 4 working days (please contact us if you need it quicker)

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    Great buy

    Reviewed by George on 02 April 2013

    My trip to Norfolk would not have been the same without the travel mattress topper. The drawstring holdall is a fair bit larger than the rolled up topper, but I managed to get my pillow in the holdall and a few other bits and bobs. All together a great purchase.

    Reviewed by Margaret Kaine on 31 August 2011

    I would just like to say how absolutely delighted I am with my memory foam travel topper with its cover and holdall. I seem to have a very sensitive spine and was experiencing soreness and painful shoulders and hips after sleeping on hard mattresses when away from home. Resorting to extra duvets beneath me helped only slightly and it was becoming a severe holiday problem. But sleeping on your travel topper is sheer bliss, no aches or pains in the morning and an excellent night's sleep. It rolls up easily, the holdall is so generous that it's ideal for popping any last minute items or bulky shoes. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

    Reviewed by Michelle on 28 August 2011

    I am very glad that I bought the memory foam travel overlay; it is a great product. It fits easily in a medium to large suitcase and is very light. It's wide enough to give good coverage for an adult to lie on, and no chemical smell that sometimes comes with new foam items. I had much less back/shoulder/hip pain while away from my own bed. My sleep was much less interrupted and I felt less tense about being away from my own memory foam mattress at home. The travel overlay allowed me to get the best sleep I've ever had on holiday. From now on, I'll be taking it with me when I go away. I am also recommending this product to other folks I know who might find it useful.

    Reviewed by J. Thrall on 10 August 2011

    I took my travel topper to Scotland for a week and was very pleased with it. I'm really glad I bought it. I was beginning to wonder if I might have to stop going places. Many thanks.

    Reviewed by V.Brant on 03 August 2011

    We actually went away this weekend and tried them for the first time. They were really excellent, I would surely have had lots of stiffness and discomfort and I say it was a fraction of what it could have been so we are really impressed with them and look forward to using them again soon avoiding the unnecessary discomfort. I've told my physio who used a regular memory foam topper about you and this product.

    Reviewed by Jane S on 02 August 2011

    Many of my holidays have been spoiled from bad hotel mattresses. Aching back and joints spelt out misery for me, always worrying what the mattress would be like, so I decided to try this travel topper. I can honestly say it has been a blessing in disguise, I love it, what a difference to my sleeping. Thank you for a quick delivery too!