Concept Laytec Topper T2000 - 5cm (2")

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Concept Laytec Topper T2000 - 5cm (2")

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Concept Laytec Topper T2000 - 5cm (2")

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    Concept Laytec Topper T2000 - 5cm (2")

    A Concept Laytec Topper is the perfect choice if your existing mattress is in good condition, but no longer gives you the comfort and support that you need.
    This 5cm (2") Concept Laytec Topper / overlay placed on top of your mattress will instantly transform your bed into a state of the art sleep system.
    Laytec is a real alternative to expensive latex and offers an unbeatable combination of exceptional comfort and support along with a luxurious feel and superior durability.
    One of the advantages of Laytec as opposed to memory foam is the instant rebound properties. The topper will retain a sense of bounce, whilst memory foam is designed to absorb pressure.

    Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause pressure to build up around your hips, neck, back and shoulders. This can lead to considerable discomfort, which will disrupt your sleep leaving you tired in the morning. So if your mattress is too firm and you experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, consider investing in a topper to give you a great nights sleep.

    • Key features
    • Custom sizes
    • Dimensions
    • Delivery

    • 5cm 2") of high quality medium density laytec
    • Ideal for adding comfort to your mattress
    • Laytec has more bounce than memory foam
    • latex like properties
    • luxurious quilted zip off cover
    • 5 year guarantee
    • Made in UK
    • Next day delivery
    • OPTIONAL Coolmax cover available (additional cost)
    • Available in custom sizes and shapes

    This mattress topper can be made to a custom size or shape.
    Perhaps you a bed that is not a standard size or shape, no problem, we are able to make you a mattress topper to fit.
    We also specialise in customised toppers for boats, caravans and motor homes.
    Please send an email to with the size you require to request a quote.
    Alternatively you can call us on: Freephone 0800 9150998 or 07970448818

    Size Metric Imperial
    Small Single W 75cm x L 190cm x H 5cm W 2'' 6" x L 6'' 3" x H 2"
    Single W 90cm x L 190cm x 5cm W 3'' 0" x L 6'' 3" x H 2"
    Small Single Long W 75cm x L 198cm x H 5cm W 2'' 6" x L 6'' 6" x H 2"
    Single (adjustable bed) W 90cm x L 198cm x H 5cm W 3'' 0" x L 6'' 6" x H 8"
    Small Double W 120cm x L 190cm x H 5cm W 4'' 0" x L 6'' 3" x H 2"
    Double W 135cm x L 190cm x H 5cm W 4'' 6" x L 6'' 3" x H 2"
    King W 150cm x L 198cm x H 5cm W 5'' 0" x L 6'' 6" x H 2"
    Small Continental W 140cm x L 200cm x H 5cm W 4'' 7" x L 6'' 7" x H 2"
    Large Continental W 160cm x L 200cm x H 5cm W 5'' 3" x L 6'' 7" x H 2"
    Superking W 183cm x L 198cm x H 5cm W 6'' 0" x L 6'' 6" x H 2"

    This mattress topper will be delivered next working day if the order is placed before 10am. For custom made mattress toppers delivery is approx 4 working days.

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